Hi friends,

I’m Fiona, a passionate, driven and kind-hearted lady who love travelling very much. I was born in Kuching, Malaysia, spent many years for my studies in Kuala Lumpur and Johor, but today I’m living in a well-developed, clean and sunny country – Singapore.

Being programmed by the education system, I grew up in the traditional way – I went to school, studied hard, got good grades, enrolled into a reputable local university, graduated with flying colours, got a good job and work hard for my boss.

our education system

Growing up…

Since I was young, I was a good student, achieved straight “A”s in my primary and secondary schools, Top 5 in the entire school and had my degree studies fully sponsored by government scholarship. After graduated, I was like 95% of the people in the world. I went for a professional JOB. I performed very well and was recognized by my employer and got promoted to senior position within just 3 years. That sounds incredible nowadays especially for being a foreigner but it’s true. However, my work life became static after a few years in the company. Being a foreigner in the company with foreign academic qualifications, it’s almost impossible for me climb up the corporate ladder. I love my JOB, but I just can’t imagine doing the same thing in the same position for the next 30 years. What about you? Well, people always have dreams, me too! My dreams are:

  1. To travel around the world and experience every corner of the world by myself, not from the books;
  2. To spend quality time with my family and loved ones;
  3. To get out of the Rat-Race and achieve Financial Freedom within 5 to 10 years from now.




However, the hard truth is:

In order for me to achieve my dreams, I need $money$! It sounds materialistic but this is today’s world. Ya we know that money is not everything but without money, we can’t survive anywhere! This is why we’re doing something about it, the simplest way is to have a job and trade our time for money.

By chance, I get to know about Robert Kiyosaki and started to read his books. One of his quotes impacted me a lot and started to change my life:

“go to school, get a good job, buy a house, save money and invest in a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The problem is that those are the old rules of money. They are no longer valid. Not only that, following them will make you poor.”   – Robert Kiyosaki

 robert kiyosaki

I was so shocked when I read this statement. Many people are still following the old style of thinking as our grandparents’ era was. Looking at the stability of our world economy and the inflation rate, goods price skyrocketed over the past 30 years in my lifetime and making our affordability become lower and lower. However, looking at the statistic of millionaires in the world, the number of millionaires is increasing every single year. Why does this phenomenon happen? Is this something wrong with what I’m doing right now to make me poorer? Therefore, I told myself it’s time to take action and find the answer.

“Opportunity comes when you’re prepared for it…”

Fast forward to 2 year ago, I was fortunate enough to get to know a group of friend who invited me for a Cashflow Board Game session. The Cashflow 101 board game was designed by Robert Kiyosaki as an educational tool on financial intelligence and simulation of our real life. My life has changed totally after the game and Yes, we’ve found the answer! Only from that game we realized that we’re missing the most important element to success in life – PASSIVE INCOME!

For those who don’t have any idea what passive income is, let me do a fast introduction here. Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, whether you work for it or not. Therefore, we became open-minded to look for something outside our circle that able to generate passive income.

Fortunate enough, one day, I came across an award-winning travel program that is offered by a company from United States, that enables me and my family to have massive savings on vacations and at the same time, it offers a program that is able to generate passive income. Knowing the potential of the program, without a second thought, I took action and decided to give it a try.

My life has changed & I LOVE MY NEW LIFE!!  

Have you ever made a decision that changed your life for 360’degree? Yes I did! Because of the one decision, I’m having more fun and fulfillment than I ever have. I found myself a direction to retire young and live my life the way I love to.

Throughout the 2 year period, I’ve traveled more with friends together, make more friends in my life from all around the world, and make more money than I ever think it’s possible. Many people say that if you want to start a successful business, you need to have a lot of money, have business experience, have lots of time, and know many people. I didn’t have any of that when I started!

What I’ve found throughout these period of time is the importance of surround with like-minded and people who are more successful than you. If you have the right opportunity, a right mindset, a burning desire, work with a mentor who is willing to guide you along, you can be successful and live your dreams!!


Know me more…

What others say about Fiona?

Fiona is one of the most committed, helpful and motivated individuals I have ever met. With no prior business experience, she has quickly emerged into an admirable entrepreneur and leader who is leading and inspiring the lives of many others. If you are looking for a mentor who you can trust, Fiona would be someone I wholeheartedly recommend.

Millie Leung

Entrepreneur, Coach & Investor & Best Selling Author, Hong Kong

Fiona is an old acquaintance of mine and we have known each other since tertiary. I have always admire her dedication and level of focus. Not even once i have seen her getting astray from her courses, definitely not in this business. Besides, she is very resourceful and passionate about succeed in life. You can easily sense that this business is already part of herself. The best about her is she never ever being stingy about sharing and helping others to achieve her level of success either. There is no doubt these are the characteristics that you definitely want in your business partner. It is all thanks to her and Calvin, I get to be apart of this amazing family business!

Vincent Goay

Technopreneur & SEO Specialist, Malaysia

Fiona Sim stood out amongst many with her outstanding entrepreneurial drive to succeed. She is friendly, helpful, and an incredible team player. Her energy and deep-seated passion to travel is almost infectious! It has been an absolute privilege, Fiona!

Dr Lee Zhi Yi

Retired Medical Doctor, Malaysia

First time I met Fiona was in our business training. She is a lady of cheerful humor and positive mindset. We have non-stop conversation even though it was our first meet. She is serious and has passion on doing what she loves, I felt glad that I can meet such helpful person through this platform. After I embarked on this amazing concept, it turned me to become sporting, cheerful and positive mindset person because I have great opportunity to meet great people here, such as Fiona! Last but not least, I sincerely wish Fiona succeed and enjoy as many vacations as possible to the max! Let’s us make our living, living!

Vinson Tan

Project Engineer , Malaysia

Fiona is the epitome of Passion – injecting passion in all that she does, passion for life and passion for the business. She has an uncanny ability to bring people together and to make you feel like you have known each other for years. She never fail to put on her sweet smile and help the rest to achieve the similar success. Working with Fiona has been a thrilling, inspiring and energetic journey. I’m so glad to meet this amazing lady and doing this project together. Fiona, is definitely the leader to work with!

Angie Ng

Quality Deviation Management Engineer & Property Investor, Malaysia

Fiona is a lovely lady with very high positive energy. Her passion and commitment has allowed her to go from having no entrepreneur knowledge at the beginning to having a very good entrepreneur knowledge and mind-set today. Her perseverance in this partnership has create a positive impact to those around her including me. It is always and it will be a great pleasure to work together with Fiona. Thank you for demonstrating the perseverance and I am glad to have Fiona not only as a business partner but as a good friend.

Alvin Tan

Actuarial Assistant Manager, Singapore

When I first met Fiona, I knew she is the person that I can’t missed working with. Fiona is very dedicated in all that she does and is always open to new ideas and opportunities. She is not only successful in running her own businesses, but also a very caring person and always genuinely interested in what’s happening in others life. Her motto, “Never say die” has inspired me so much in life. I see Fiona as AMAZING! That is the word! My decision to partner with her has been the best decision I ever made!!!

Eva Tee

Semi-retired Auditor, Malaysia

Fiona is a person who is very passionate and committed to helping people succeed in this company. She is a very kind and cheerful person who is always lively and bubbly. It is fun to be around her. Fiona is more than willing to go out of her way to stretch out a helping hand to those in need, even if those people has no financial well-being to her success. She is a person who believes and acts on the belief of 1-Big Team.

Roy Loy

Planner of Semiconductor manufacturing, Singapore

So, if you are the kind of people who want more in your life, have more time, money and retire young, fill up the form on your right or click here to connect with me in Facebook or email me at suichen0314@gmail.com, I’m more than happy to share with you about the life-changing and award-winning program in the world. Chat with you soon!