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Discover a simple and proven system that allows you to enjoy time and money freedom, travel more holidays and live the dream life you deserve.

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Hey, I’m Fiona, professional vacationer and entrepreneur in the travel industry. I’m going to show you a way to gain more fun, freedom and fulfilment in your life by leveraging on a simple and proven concept.

But before that, let me ask you this:


To fire your boss?

To travel around the world and enjoy exotic holidays with your family and loved ones?

To have a PLAN B in this current uncertain economy?

To become a full-time stay-at-home parent to take care of your family and kids?

To earn an extra source of income without affecting your current job?

To start a business without worrying about the lack of initial capital and monthly overhead?

To own a business whereby you can work anytime anywhere in the world?

To become completely FINANCIALLY FREE within 3 to 5 years, even if you’re in your 20’s or 30's?

To experience more FUN, FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT in life?

If your answer is YES to any of the dreams above, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re in the right place at the right time. I’m going to share with you a concept that can really change your life to the better!!  

“Had been working for 15 years, most days 9 to 9 as a Vice President in an international bank and i was time broke. In the last two years after I saw this concept, I have been on 41 vacations, and I am closer with my family now, at the same time made hundreds of amazing friends. What I’ve come to realize is that “There is no Time like the Present, and there is no Present like Time.”

Leonard Lee

Ex-Vice President in an International Bank

Here's What You'll Learn From This FREE Session:

  • A simple and easily duplicable system that has helped tens of thousands of employees from all around the world to fire their bosses, achieve time & financial freedom and spend full-time living their lives with their loved ones.
  • The key to leveraging on the ever growing trillion dollars travel industry to make money based on this lucrative trend.
  • An exclusive way where not only you can save a lot of money while booking your travel, but you get paid to go on more holidays with your family.
  • A business with extremely low start-up capital with zero operating cost and with potential to reach a worldwide and global audience. You can literally market to anyone, anywhere, anytime!  
  • A business system that will maximize your profits and has the potential to generate 150% ROI within the very first month. This is the only business in the world that able to help people to breakeven real fast and in profit, without the need to have any experience and specific skills to start with.
  • The “Low Risk High Rewards” model that helped tens of thousands of people make their dream income with minimal risk and marketing cost.
  • Common misconceptions and limiting beliefs many people have about business that are causing them to either be afraid to get started, or lose money repeatedly (you could be one of them). I’ll reveal some facts about business of this new era that will completely remove your inhibitions and propel you straight to success!

What Are The Benefits You Enjoy From This Unique Concept?

  • You set your own pace: No boss to tell you what to do so you can decide exactly how much time, effort and resources you choose to invest;
  • Build a perfect PLAN B for your current job, especially during this current slow economy;
  • Make money even while you’re sleeping: You can play, travel and have fun while this business system will make money for you round the clock, 24/7… so you can achieve financial freedom much faster without relying solely on your 9-5 job;
  • Have complete freedom and flexibility to decide where, when and how long you want to work on your business;
  • Create multiple streams of residual income. You will realize that the amount in your bank account will increase even after you come back from holidays;
  • Spend more quality time with your family because you can work lesser and still earn a significant income every month;
  • Start an internet based business without the stress of the technical nature of the process and high marketing cost to market your product online.

What Others Say About This Life-Changing Concept?

I used to be a dental surgeon making great income, but was time broke and stressed out. I came across this concept about 5 years ago. In just 2 years after putting effort in this platform, I was able to retire from my practice and pay off my debts. Today I get to spend full time with my wife and my new baby boy. Thanks to this life-changing concept!

Dr Wu Yi Che

Retired Dental Surgeon, Singapore

I was a broke student who was supposed to finish school, get a job, and work from 9-5 till 65. I’m 27, writing this while on a Cairns Trip on my 30th vacation since joining, bought a brand new car for my mum. I’ve already began to start my life, living.

Lucaz Lee

Retired At 27, Singapore

I had some money but totally time broke, in the rat race 7 days a week. Finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I was so afraid to be forever entrapped in the rat race. This platform has allowed me to break free.

Eugene Tan

Retired Real Estate Agent, Singapore

I used to have a very busy Corporate job, but I wanted to have more time for my children. When my friend introduced me to this concept, I didn’t know exactly how it worked but I trusted him. After getting started for 1 month, I followed the system and put in the effort, and start earning Residual Passive Income. Within 4 months, I was able to quit my 5-figure per month Corporate job to spend time with my children. 

Karen Wong

Ex-High Flyer in MNC, Singapore

Prior to seeing this concept, I was a Senior Executive at a MNC, working long hours with little time left for myself and my family. I didn’t have any business experience and I also didn’t have a large network of friends. After just 27 months of joining this award-winning concept, I am now making multiple 5 digits US Dollar per month, have been on 17 vacations in the last 24 months and I am now a full-time stay-at-home mom, having precious time with my daughters everyday. I love my new life!

Millie Leung

Full Time Mother & Ex-MNC Executive, Hong Kong

We never knew that such a concept of “travelling, sharing and getting paid at the same time” could exist in this world! Now we can help more people do the same!

Jet Toh

Successful retired business owner, millionaire and property investor, Singapore

Being part of this company has changed my life goals tremendously. I have always been looking for success in life but never actually know what it means to be succeed. Getting to know friends and families from all walks of life and hear out their passion and success stories have provided me an amazing feedbacks and understandings about life success. I have outgrown myself without realizing in this company. The support and trainings provided and local leaders are unbelievable outstanding. It gives me lot of confident to grow this business in a very fun way. Again, the best part is I will never walk alone, not now, and not all the way even after I succeed in this business. Every success will always be celebrated with another vacations! How amazing!

Vincent Goay

Technopreneur & SEO Specialist, Malaysia

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Fiona is one of the most committed, helpful and motivated individuals I have ever met. With no prior business experience, she has quickly emerged into an admirable entrepreneur and leader who is leading and inspiring the lives of many others. If you are looking for a mentor who you can trust, Fiona would be someone I wholeheartedly recommend.

Millie Leung

Entrepreneur, Coach & Investor, Hong Kong

Fiona’s coaching has helped me and my business partners in increasing our sales. She provides me an effective strategy when come to prospecting cold market. She is fun-loving person, you will definitely feel inspired and motivated with her coaching in your entrepreneurship journey.


Investor cum Business Owner, Singapore

Fiona is a dynamic, positive and selfless mentor who goes all out to help others achieve success. She ignited my engine and I was highly inspired by her. Her training is concised and straight to the point. I applied her methods on the spot and managed to secured 4 business appointments that very night! I am now using her methods to reach out to friends whom I barely even spoken in the last 5 years! Her training is a 👍👍 2 thumbs up for me

Lina Tan

Leading Crew with a 5-Star Airlines, Singapore

From Fiona’s training, I’ve learnt to be a better entrepreneur, by improving my communication skills, & building effective relationships with new & current business partners. The training session was really informative, fun, and interactive. Most importantly, it made me take massive action immediately to improve my business. And the results were tremendous! Fiona is an exceptional entrepreneur & coach. It’s hard to imagine that she came from humble beginnings with no prior entrepreneurial experience! She walks her talk. She leads from the front lines. Her inspiring leadership skills are second to none. Despite her achievements, she’s always humble in victory, and always happy to pay it forward! It’s both a privilege and pleasure to work with her.

Dr Lee Zhi Yi

Retired Medical Doctor, Singapore

Fiona is the epitome of Passion – injecting passion in all that she does, passion for life and passion for the business. She has an uncanny ability to bring people together and to make you feel like you have known each other for years. She never fail to put on her sweet smile and help the rest to achieve the similar success. Working with Fiona has been a thrilling, inspiring and energetic journey. I’m so glad to meet this amazing lady and doing this project together. Fiona, is definitely the leader to work with!

Angie Ng

Quality Deviation Management Engineer & Property Investor, Malaysia

Attending Fiona’s training is totally a breakthrough for my business prospecting. I had learnt the fastest and direct way on sorting out my list and getting the right person to work with me in my business. Definitely a great analytical person who strive her best to find every possible way to win!

Kelly Khoo

Personal Assistant & 1st time Business Owner, Singapore

Fiona’s coaching has helped me and my business partners in increasing our sales. She provides me an effective strategy when come to prospecting cold market. She is fun-loving person, you will definitely feel inspired and motivated with her coaching in your entrepreneurship journey.

Apple Tee

Retired Auditor, Singapore

Don’t miss out, especially if you’re serious about your financial future. The time is now. Change needs to happen, not next time, not next year, but NOW. This is your future, your family’s future. Don’t take it lightly. 

Change nothing, and nothing will change. So let’s start changing, improving and Innovating together. Let me help you grow your wealth and give you your ticket to financial freedom. Thousands have benefited…you could be next!