hug it forward

Living in a busy and hectic country, most of us are filled with negativity in life. Complaints, frustration, depression, stress in fighting to have a better life and fulfilling our materialism are happening everyday and everywhere. While we’re chasing after luxurious goods and lifestyle, we often forget the importance of gratitude to what we have now.  Looking at the children’s smile on their faces, even though they’re not rich physically, but they’re wealthy in heart, full of gratitude and blessed at all the time.

While we’re on our way to fight for our better future, don’t forget to pay it forward. The only way we can get what we want, is to help enough people to get what they want in life first.



If you wish to participate with us together to make a different in our people’s lives, do send me an email at, show your love and give contributions to build bottle schools for children in third world countries. Thank you very much in advance.

“Life is short, do more, contribute more. Let’s help the world to become a better place full of warm-hearted soul!” ~ Fiona Sim