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I used to be a dental surgeon making great income, but was time broke and stressed out. I came across this concept about 5 years ago. In just 2 years after putting effort in this platform, I was able to retire from my practice and pay off my debts. Today I get to spend full time with my wife and my new baby boy. Thanks to this life-changing concept!

Dr Wu Yi Che

Retired Dental Surgeon, Singapore

Though this platform, we can become the messengers of hope to people – people who were losing hope and thought they had no way out. We believe it’s God’s will for us to be blessed so we can bless others.

Denny & Suzy Andrian

Successful Satelitte Business Owner, Singapore

We used to be full time medical doctor and auditor, and we were completely time broke. We realized we needed a change in our lives. When we saw this concept, despite not having any prior experience and having very little spare time, we got started. 2 years plus later, we were able to retire from our jobs and become full-time vacationers!

Dr Lee Zhi Yi & Apple Tee

Ex-Medical Doctor & Ex-Auditor, Malaysia

Had been working for 15 years, most days 9 to 9 as a Vice President in an international bank and i was time broke. In the last two years after I saw this platform, I have been on 41 vacations, and I am closer with my family now, at the same time made hundreds of amazing friends. What I’ve come to realize is that “There is no Time like the Present, and there is no Present like Time.

Leonard Lee

Ex-Vice President in an International Bank, Singapore

Prior to seeing this concept, I was a Senior Executive at a MNC, working long hours with little time left for myself and my family. I didn’t have any business experience and I also didn’t have a large network of friends. After just 27 months of joining this award-winning concept, I am now making multiple 5 digits US Dollar per month, have been on 17 vacations in the last 24 months and I am now a full-time stay-at-home mom, having precious time with my daughters everyday. I love my new life!

Millie Leung

Full Time Mother & Ex-MNC Executive, Hong Kong

We never knew that such a concept of “travelling, sharing and getting paid at the same time” could exist in this world! Now we can help more people do the same!

Jet Toh

Successful retired business owner, millionaire and property investor, Singapore

I had some money but totally time broke, in the rat race 7 days a week. Finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I was so afraid to be forever entrapped in the rat race. This platform has allowed me to break free.

Eugene Tan

Retired Real Estate Agent, Singapore

It has been the most fulfilling and exciting 5 years of my life, knowing what I do now and in the next 2-4 years will have direct impact on how people go on vacations. And this is something most people already want, need and are searching for. Now that we can help thousands of people in Asia to save on their holidays and go on free travel, that will be the most rewarding! And to top it off, this being the ultimate vehicle to help us achieve both time and financial freedom, I can see myself traveling around the world a lot more, with my family and friends creating lasting memories and experiencing life in different cultures and environment.  In the last 5 years, I have been on 76 vacations, made thousands friends all over the world, retired my wife and I’m now also making 6 digits per month US Dollars and are receiving the Dream Car and Dream House bonuses each month. Enjoying total FREEDOM to do what i really want!! 

James Lee

Ex-Navy Officer, Singapore

I used to have a very busy Corporate job, but I wanted to have more time for my children. When my friend introduced me to this concept, I didn’t know exactly how it worked but I trusted him. After getting started for 1 month, I followed the system and put in the effort, and start earning Residual Passive Income. Within 4 months, I was able to quit my 5-figure per month Corporate job to spend time with my children. 

Karen Wong

Ex-High Flyer in MNC, Singapore

I am leading a life of purpose, stronger spiritually, mentality and emotionally. I am now able to handle life’s moments. I embrace my situation every day, feeling blessed and grateful to have my three children with me, despite the challenge of single-handedly raising them.

Janice Koh

Full Time Mother of 3, Singapore

We ran a successful Acupuncture clinic in United States for 9 years. We sold the clinic and our house and moved to Asia after saw this amazing platform. We managed to achieve financial and time freedom in a short of 2 years. Now we enjoyed the freedom of taking our kids on vacations every month, and looking back, it was worth it, because it is a fun ride.

Howie & Buffy

Retired Acupuncture Business Owner, Taiwan

I was a broke student who was supposed to finish school, get a job, and work from 9-5 till 65. I’m 27, writing this while on a Cairns Trip on my 30th vacation since joining, bought a brand new car for my mum. I’ve already began to start my life, living.

Lucaz Lee

Retired At 27, Singapore

This platform has had a tremendous positive impact on my life & my family as well. What used to be once a year holiday, from January to June in 2015 alone we already have had 4! This is because I have stepped away from being a full time artiste. And I can afford to do that due to my passive income from this platform. But understand this, it’s not about the income – it’s ALL about the ability to spend more time with my family!

Gurmit Singh a.k.a Phua Chu Kang

Most famous comedian in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, Media Corp Singapore

This concept has allowed me to become a full time family and create a lifestyle that most people can only dream about! By immersing myself in the culture, personal development and trainings that are so essential to our success, I have become a better husband, father, servant leader, and well-rounded person. The amazing “vacations of a lifetime” that I get to experience regularly are icing on the cake!

Eric Allen

Ex-Teacher, United States of America

Being part of this company has changed my life goals tremendously. I have always been looking for success in life but never actually know what it means to be succeed. Getting to know friends and families from all walks of life and hear out their passion and success stories have provided me an amazing feedbacks and understandings about life success. I have outgrown myself without realizing in this company. The support and trainings provided and local leaders are unbelievable outstanding. It gives me lot of confident to grow this business in a very fun way. Again, the best part is I will never walk alone, not now, and not all the way even after I succeed in this business. Every success will always be celebrated with another vacations! How amazing!

Vincent Goay

Technopreneur & SEO Specialist, Malaysia

This concept has helped me step out of my shell. I am a introvert in nature, where I really open up to few. If not for the leaders, where they guide me and make me step out of my shell. This company is like a 2nd family to me. The training really works, the Director of Training of the company makes me realize that there is so much that i need to grow, and he doesn’t tells that I need it, he makes me realize it. The business trains me to interact with people that I am not comfortable with, which is actually part of living a life. It isn’t easy but it is all in the progress of growing and changing for the better

Roy Loy

Planner of Semiconductor Manufacturing, Singapore

Prior to joining this company about two and a half years ago, I was an eighteen year-old student, studying in a junior college in Singapore. I was broke, disillusioned, and had to drag myself to school everyday due to the lack of purpose. Today, over the last two years, I’ve been blessed with nearly twenty vacations all over the world with my best buddies, to places like Las Vegas, France, Bangkok, Bali, Phuket, Krabi, just to name a few.

The full-time income that I earn through this company has given me so much freedom, such that I can choose to fly off for a vacation every week if I wanted to, and it’s all thanks to God, this company, the supportive leaders and my amazing team – Team Legends, who are such blessings in my life!

Milton Goh

Retired At 21, Singapore

December 13th 2011, that was the day I made a decision that I want to make a change in my life and travel more, add more adventure to my journey. Life is about all the little memories and experiences that we create. Life is a journey not the destination. Little did I know, I became an entrepreneur. With no business acumen, I manage to gather a group of fun loving folks to join me on this platform and share the idea of how to inject more fun and freedom into our lives.We are gossipers… We gossip about our great experiences. We gossip about the new friends. We gossip about the things that we tick off our bucket list. We gossip about a lifestyle that everybody desires.

Cynthia Koh 许美珍

Media-Corp Actress, Media Corp Singapore

I was just a normal employee, aimlessly working day in and out, until I saw this platform that changed my life. I found my soulmate through this platform, we travel together, we dream together and we fight hard for our future together.

Leon Yeo

Ex-Interior Designer, Singapore

A friend of mine introduced this concept to me in February 2012. After just 2 months, I have started earning a residual income and have earned Travel Dollars for future free vacations! This concept not only allows me to travel more with my family but also gives me an income passively every month. I am really thankful for the friend who introduced this exciting opportunity to me!

Ashley Ella Choo

Mother of 3, Singapore

Before seeing this concept, I have never travelled to any other parts of the world except to Malaysia. Today, after just 20 months, I have been to 5 vacations to Phuket, Chiang Mai, US Las Vegas, Dallas and France, all FULLY PAID FOR! I am now earning a 5 digit US Dollar income every single month and I am already financially free at the age of 23. What’s more, it’s absolutely an eye opener what nature really is, swimming with the fishes, having to swing on flying fox is AMAZING! Yes Yes Yes! Looking forward to see all of you in the best beaches of the world!!

Jonathan Kher

Primary School Halfway Dropout, Singapore

There is no testimony without a test; there is no glory without a story. So make your every moment counts.